I want to host a server...

Hello other Rusters! I consider myself a Rust veteran (as far as playing the game). I am new however to running a server. I know that at this time there are only certain sites to host a server. I have some questions about the admining of such. If someone could explain the ease of managing players/hackers/cheaters and as well as incorporating mods into your sever. I appreciate any advice given.

I am looking at hosting my server because too many times I run into unfair admining and abuse of admins. I want to run a fair and fun server where there is no advantage of mass air drops and the spawning of items. Thank you.

Depends on your server provider, and what mods you want to run because some are more user friendly than others

Thanks for the reply. I’m sure I can look this up but to apply a game mod does that need to be done by the server hosting service I choose? Or by me?