I want to host CityRp gamemode

Hello guys I’m planning to host a CitRp server.The thing is I couldn’t find any uploaded server file about cityrp gamemode not darkrp gamemode.
I would like to ask you guys what can I do to find server files about cityrp.Like Fearless or Limelight community.Do I need to ask who made the mod and get a permission to use it?
I really like the cityrp gamemode please help me about it.

Applejack is the closest one I know but you’ll need to port it over to gmod 13.

Ok but how do I do that , do you have any guide link or something ?

No. Figure it out if you want to host the gamemode.
Leaks exist out there, but no one is going to link you to them most likely.

If you don’t find it, there’s Cityscript: http://github.com/philxyz/cityscript

… but I still need to finish 2 or 3 bits and pieces before it is ready for use. It does (sort of) work, though and it is GM13 compatible.

I haven’t made any youtube videos about it yet so it will probably be ignored.

Um yeah actually I found the leaks right now I’m trying to mysql blah blah.But the point is why people who has the cityrp content just keep to himself , why not sharing with other people I mean look at darkrp server you can host a darkrp server easily because you can find one but when It is cityrp you really need to give your time to find something working that is really ridicolous I think.

Thanks If I fail this one I will try yours hope it works.

Use Cider and port it.

CityRP is pratically Cider, but you won’t find the CityRP LimeLight/Fearless use out there. It’s been developed by quite a few people who have made it what it is now:
Matt W,
and many many other developers that contributed along the way.

Why on earth would all of us want the work to simply go public? It’s all of our work why would we simply let you use it?

Don’t forget Vol, Griim, Internet…

You are forgetting many people. The people you mentioned has contributed, but you are forgetting many important people and I think that’s worth mentioning.

Credit where credit is due.

Yeah of course, there’s so many people who have contributed to the gamemode it’d take forever to list everyone. I was just merely trying to point out the amount of devs that chipped into it.

ur bad lol