I want to make a map, Suggestions?

As the name suggests I want to make a map, maybe you guys could give me a request, I’m not a noob, but I definitly (spelled incorrectly) ain’t a pro.

I recently read The Martian Chronicles, by Bradbury, I thought about using it as insparation. That or a couple of other fiction I like, Post on what you think I should map!

There is a request section near the top. Might want to ask a mod to delete your thread so that you can look in there.

I don’t want to post a request, I want IDEAs for the map, not someone else to do it.

But thanks for the post.

A single island that has something mysterious about it in the middle of the ocean!

Look in the requests section to see if anyone has an idea that you wouldn’t mind mapping.

I have no idea how to post pics, and I don’t want to use a picture sharing website.
I’ll post if I get a reply on how to do it.


Oh and the maps I made before are both incomplete and do not have displacements. Why:? These were before I learned to map correctly, and they looked horrible compared to what I could make now, yet, i always delete my maps cause they don’t fit their image, thats why I need suggestions.

Look in the requests section to see if anyone has an idea that you wouldn’t mind mapping.

Eh I don’t see many that look cool, i’ll keep looking though

City on an island.

eh I was thinking bigger

Bigger city on island

You want input, yet you have never completed a map because they never fit your inner vision?

Maybe you should try and create something of your own…and try and finish it this time.

you post pictures by:

  1. www.filesmelt.com
  2. click simple
  3. click upload
  4. find your image
  5. get the code on the right
  6. paste on the forums
  7. [noparse]



Here’s a suggestion:
If you’re making train tracks ANYWHERE, make the curves big like Trainconstruct or something.Wireconstruct, and other maps that use midget curves leans over to Mobenix…are fail curves for big trains.