I want to make a mounted flamethrower.

Flamethrowers: Fucking impractical. So what makes them so fucking awesome?

For starters lets take this: It’s a mother fucking zombie killing machine:

It may miss but I’ll tell you one thing, It misses in style :coolfrog: Lighting up the room never looked so cool.

Why else do we love them? Well it’s probably the male fascination of fire.

Mmmm… Tasty spit roast.

Fire. Fire is dangerous. Fire is fucking amazing. Fire… is awesome.

Your best best is to use LUA for this. I can think of no way to ignite a target in that fashion. You could use a very hacky way, but it would probably be more work than code.

Spoze you could fire props that ingite the people but I think IronPhoenix is right.

make a particle and use a trigger that is parented to the thrower to ignite and damage that touches it?

Or this.



I’m artistic :downs:

The trigger_hurt will not ignite the target, only apply burn damage to it.

Trigger_multiple with OnStartTouchAll | !activator | ignite


yeah that

How would I stop the hurt entity from hurting after its enabled? There’s no “After stop firing” output on the func_tank :confused:


Of course! onlostcontroller!

You should totally release a prefab once you’re done. :smiley:

Isn’t there something really impractical about a mounted flamethrower?

Depends what you mount it on. The Canadians mounted a Ronson on an universal carrier in WWII

Modded env_laser could work too.

Age of Empires 3 has guys with flamethrowers. But they’re on wheels.

Not mine but for anybody’s use:


That’s awesome.


Why do you want a flame thrower anyways?

I just wanted to see if I could make it :v:


I might make something.

Something i made really quick when I saw this.

Includes turret(Just go with it…), Particle effects, Spawning zombies, oh and env_projectedtexture


Somebody should make a flamethrower NPC, like a floor turret or something :v:

Firegod, that looks so goddamn badass.


Urgh… It crashes the game.