I Want To Make An F1 Menu. How Do I Do This?

I’m Not Sure Who To Ask Or Where I Ask This, I’m A Noob When It Come’s To Facepunch Forums.

Question - How can i make a F1 Menu?

What I Want - I Want to be able to press F1 then a derma or some kind of vgui menu shows up with server info , a tab to donate , rules , ect.

Where Do I Start This? - ***** Where do i go to start this off anyways?, do i start from addons, ex Addons > My F1 > Lua > Blah Blah?

Things I Looked Over That Didnt Help Me.

This should help some.

Holy shit the structure of this thread is actually genuinely way better than any other help threads.
The only things which would of made it better would of been any current code you had, posting in the right section and not to uppercase every word, besides that, this is well structured as you have told us you are new, told us where you have looked and stated what you want clearly.

You can add me on steam anytime and I’ll help you when I can.

The layout of your addon would be
any file in there will be shared,
You can make server side and client side files by putting them in the same directory but in a folder either named server for server or client for client.