I want to make my prop hunt server attractive by implementing a "shop" ingame

My first step to attaining this goal is by implementing some sort of leveling system, equivalent to the many kinds you can find on Counter Strike Source (Zombie mod for example).
After each “kill” as hunter or maintaining alive as prop you get points. And with these points you can spend in a shop for custom hats, skins, taunts, and traces. Is this possible to make? If someone know anything like what I am asking for, please feel free to share with me!

Note that the things you buy in the shop won’t give you an advantage over other players, they are just there for the sake of appearance and status that you’ve earned a lot of points.

Pointshop: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1286577

I’m not aware of any really popular, already released EXP systems though, especially ones that work with prop hunt. If you want, I’d be happy to give you a copy of an EXP system I made for myself for fun. It has HP, Damage, and Agility upgrades.

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Well, I know there’s a skeleton XP system on Coderhire, which you could work. I’d also recommend using hooks and stuff to give items.

The Pointshop already comes with some useful functions, such as ply:PS_GiveItem(“FILENAME”). There’s also a function for points, as well, which I’ve used before and work fine!

Thank you!
Vegasx: I would be happy to take a look at your addon!

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It seems like a lot of the stuff doesn’t work on the server. For example the hats. How do i fix this?

I fixed it, nvm

That should link you to a direct download.

The file inside the zip can just go in addons. I wasn’t ever planning on releasing it so it’s not super-well coded, and it might have a dependency or two I missed to include, but I’m pretty sure I got everything.

also there’s no HUD for it aside from the skill selection menu (F4), So you’ll either have to make your own HUD or just not have a HUD.

are you charging for your Xp system?
if not i would like to ask about implementing it into my gamemode im working on.

Nope it’s open source (So yes you can use it)

Is there a link you could provide me please?
Thanks im going to implement this well (i hope)