i want to make some creature models for gmod

I have a HUGE question: i love to draw and i like drawing creatures. But i dont want them just on paper. how do i make a custom model for GMod? what do I need to DL and does anyone have advice? and im not a newb who makes stupid stuff either. I use Windows XP and i once downloaded Autodesk Softimage and Game Maker 8. and if this matters, i have the latest NVIDA driver and winRAR and have 47.1 GB of freespace on my C drive


and also i have NO CLUE of how to make them. And i dont think this matters, i have the hammer editor too

Uh, why do we need to know about that?

Anyway, modeling, and then making them into NPCs is a lots of work, and requires lots of dedication. Find some tutorials.

ok i will. and i didnt know if any of that mattered. I heard that the valve dev community is useful