I want to play as the environment

I think it would be awesome if we could spawn as wolf or bear, and hunt down other players with vengence! Of course for this to work the player version of wolf or bear would have to be able to kill players some how, but i think it would be awsome.

You’re suggesting a feature built for you to play as an entity that can only run forward, at a slower pace, with low health and no strategy of killing players, half of which have guns, other than chasing them until they stand still.

Reading the thread title, I thought you wanted to play as a tree.

Ill play as a tree, but only if i can smack people who try to harvest my bounty

I wan to play as a cloud
my main weapon would be bolt action rifle

The Internet seems to have forgotten this happened, but an old April issue of Dragon Magazine had some new monsters in it. April issues for Dragon were always silly, because at least half of the content in the issue would be April Fools gags and humorous, non-serious things.

One of the monsters was the Carnivorous Tree.

It’s a joke monster that takes the mistake people make when they don’t know how to pronounce “coniferous” right and takes it all the way. They’re man-eating conifers.

The Morale stat was maxed out, with the note “can’t run away”. Because it’s a joke monster, though, it has a flaw: you can just move 10 feet back and throw fire into it.

Another monster was a joke on the Gelatinous Cube: The Jolly Rancher Cube. Instead of being jelly, it was solid candy. It had only one attack, a slam attack, which the text described as “having a wall suddenly punch you in the face”. :v:

I can’t see this ever happen in this game.

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Bear Simulator got ya covered though.

When can I kill naked men with rocks as a tree?

You won’t be able to do that but you could grow to the next level, albeit very slowly

Tree simulator 2015, hell yea!

This game isn’t for 10yo kids.

Are we a survival game or a furry simulator?

Were a Hackers remorse Simulator