i want to play rust in extra graphics quality

hello guys
im planning to upgrade my pc in the next few month and i want to play rust in extra graphics quality
so the question is can u guys plz tell me what my specs shud be so i can play rust in extra quality with stable 60+ fps and also record 1080p video?

right now its not optimized. you are going to have a hard time no matter what your specs are because of the game itself.

well as i can see on youtube there r tons of 60 fps vids in 1080p or even more with 4k resolutions
heres an example
this vid was made almost a year ago

and a recent vids

I would say you want:
At least 8 GB or Ram, a good i5 or i7 and processor, and a good graphics card (the best you can afford). If you are considering a specific graphics card, you can post and ask if it is a good one (or if anyone is using it for Rust)

The better the processor and graphics card, the better Rust will run and look at high settings.

and they likely have beasts of machines.

i would suggest a few things.

don’t use integrated graphics ie have an actual graphics card. (amd had troubles, my nvidia hasn’t but make your own mind on that one)
min 8gb ram, >3.0ghz processor.
shitloads of patience.

but as bleeding said, it’s not optimised. you will need more now than in the future.

I run Rust on max and it runs great. I have an i7 4770, 16 GB RAM, AMD R9 270 2GB, and the system runs on an SSD, so load times are quick. I’m usually hovering in the 30-4+ fps range with virtual procedural texturing enabled in game. It’s not a very high frame rate, but very playable. At some point once they get their LOD sorted and start optimizing, I’m pretty confident I’ll be getting much higher frame rates.

All that said, I would recommend an nVidia card over an AMD. They’re just more stable and do perform better when it comes to gaming. Not saying AMD are necessarily bad, but nVidia are just better designed gaming cards overall.

i find amd runs better with amd

I run it on fantastic, with just about every option ticked and maxed out, 4096x1152, 60fps. I have vSync enabled in the CCC. Runs fluid for me.

Liquid Cooled Intel i7 (8 cores)
Motorized, active venting
32GB DDR3 2333
7.1 TB (250GB SSD)
Twin Radeon HD 7950 @ 925MHz (Crossfire) 6B vDDR5 total
Twin Dell SP2309W (4096x1152)

Hope this helps, and yes, I get to show off a bit. I love my computer. :stuck_out_tongue:

i run maxed out at 60fps vsync’d on a phenom II x6 1090t Black, 8GB Ram, asus 780 superclock, with samsung SSD in raid 0 on a Samsung U28D590 at 3840 x 2160.

Depends what you mean by ‘stable’ you can get 60fps+ most of the time but it will dip. Sometimes for inexplicable reasons. I have a single 980, with a 5820K + 16GB DDR4. Running off an SSD. I game at 1440p (RoG Swift) and with G-Sync on the framrate feels much more consistent but when I check up its usually hovering around 50-60 but there are dips. It’s on the “Fantastic” setting btw.

I run it on a laptop that can play legacy fine. I have to turn down my settings, so experimental Rust looks pretty bad, and my FPS is usually around 28, and stays between 18 and 30 FPS. It is not a great experience. Legacy Rust plays much better. I even had to turn off shadows. Mac players and a lot of legacy players can’t enjoy the nicer graphics (for now at least).

(PVT does nothing at all to help FPS).

i play on a laptop with 8gb ram, an i7 quad core and a nvidia card. and i hate all of you other than cinder for not knowing our pain with your beast computers :stuck_out_tongue:

I run it with my build with ease.

I’m not surprised with your super-computer rig!

btw what is more important for a good gaming powerful processor or fast gpu?

Almost all the time, the GPU is the most crucial component. However, in cpu-intensive games like the Arma series, the CPU can be just as important.

Change resolution to 1950 times 1080


While it will play with lower cards, I would go with the R9 270 tier and above (and corresponding Nvidia’s). Some of those cards are older ones that were super powerful when they came out but are using outdated architecture now, so do your research on anything you’re interested in.

GPU’s are definitely the priority in gaming systems. I’m running Rust great with a Pentium G3258 CPU and a R9 280x. I plan on upgrading the CPU in the future but even the little dual core plays Rust just fine now.

I don’t think you will see much difference between an i5 and i7 ingame that would justify the increased cost. Unless you are going to be streaming or doing a ton of multitasking while you play an i5 would probably be the sweet spot.

What type of budget are you working with?

i7’s are useless for gaming, no more performance than an i5. only reason to get one is if you are going to be rendering large files