I want to play rust so bad

I have ben waiting years upon years for this kind of game to come out! I dont think anyone knows how bad i want to play this game! :frowning: so if i can possibly get a key i will advertise the hell out of this amazing game and make hundreds of videos and posts all over the internet and im sure my friend who also have ben waiting a very long ti me for a game like this will jump on the first chance they get to by this game! can some one please help me out :frowning:

(User was banned for this post ("key begging/read the website" - postal))

(User was permabanned for this post ("being dumb on alt" - postal))

want to know what you can do???

buy a key at www.playrust.com/buy !!!

Beat me to it :slight_smile:

for fuck sake just buy a key.

What is this “buy” you speak of?

it amazes me that people will still come here and make these threads when there’s dozens of them on the bottom of the page that have been locked with the OP banned.

it’s like a herd of cows running headfirst into a meat grinder

Makes you wonder the potential they could have had if they weren’t so braindead.

thats why i made this post was to understand how to buy it a lil more do i instantly get a key from the auction?

God bless the United states of America

plus for some odd reason it keeps saing im banned and i didnt even play yet??

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Yeah for all the people who are getting so serious i made this thread simply for help u didnt have to read my thread! i wanteed to know how the auction worked big wow? new to this kinda of thing and brainless people like you have to come read my thread and smash on it cuz you “think your better” ive just found out about all this the other day and now when i try to go on rust it say account banned when ive never even made an account so if there is any decent people still in this world can some one please help me instead of trying to hate on me



Buy Rust you dope. If you don’t have money, that’s not my or anyone else’s problem. Go steal it from your mom’s purse, point a gun to someone and steal their gold chain, get a job.

Also, you don’t run into a community you don’t know about and call us “brainless” simply because you don’t know how things work here. You’re the only “brainless” one here, I’m afraid.

yeah sure im brainless when i dont know wth a dutch auction is cuz its new to me and for some reason i get baned without doing anything or even playing yet not even having an account? and in fact i didnt call u brainless i called a fiew of the people above you brainless haters. i simply was trying to learn from this and got nothing but hate. i was simply trying to figure out problems i was having on playrust.com and people simply act like 5 year old kids and think there better. all i was asking for was a lil help on understanding the differences of this cuz its new to me never done a dutch auction and dont know why im banned but i already fixed that problem. you may trash talk me all u want but i came here for peaceful responses and got the exact opposite. all i wanted to know if the acution works for the highest bidder or if every one that pays gets a key simple enough question but yet (not you) people have to be brainless and go on about other stuff on my thread and not mention what the thread is actually about.

Well, here’s how a Dutch auction works. Every day, Garry puts so many keys into the Dutch auction. With each second, the price of the keys goes down. When people feel the price is low enough, they buy the keys. When the keys are gone, you wait until the beginning of the next day and the price resets back to its maximum, where it will then go down again. If you REALLY want those keys, you may want to buy at around $30-$50.

R.I.P english.

ok thank you see thats all i was looking for all i wanted to know. but one more question if you dont mind say i spend say 50 on the auction is there still a chance i wont get a key?

When you spend money on a key from the official website, you are GUARANTEED to get that key.

You may be able to lose it if you do something banworthy, however. You’ll want to ask someone else about that.

ok thank you very helpful cuz im use to regular auctions where its just the highest bidder gets whatever. i didnt wanna go spend 40-50 dollars and not get the key you know? but honestly thank you you have ben very helpful

I am yet to understand how people miss the stickied thread that talks specifically about buying a rust key/how to get one…