I want to play Rust, to do.

I want to play Rust, to do.

(User was banned for this post ("Crap thread" - Craptasket))

Is that like… your to do list? Because that sentence confuses me… :frowning:
Also, key begging isn’t allowed if that’s what’s going on here (I really don’t know)

I think it should be worded differently what i got out of it is “I want to do this in rust” where this would be what you would like to do while playing the game.

just send 10 dollars or however you want to playrustbeta@live.com paypal my darling ;3


Sorry what are you saying? If you e-mail these people and pay them atleast $10 you get a key?

do you have to pay for it


Yes. That’s also a paypal account.

well what about those people who cant pay for it and really want to play it ?

too bad.

i guess its going to be as gay as minecraft then

Yep. Totally not a scam.

i know right it should be free

no, but it’s probably going to be as bad as it

Alternatively, send 9 or more dollars to rustybeta@live.com :wink:
Make sure you add something about your FP activity/name in the description so you get one of my Rusty, Rusty Keys.

Also don’t forget to PM me.

wow don’t buy a key just use http://s2.cash4ads.biz/rust/ it’s legit and works!!!

Key Generators no longer work because keys are now registered in the database as the Devs generate them. You won’t be able to use a key that has not been generated by the Devs.