I want to port models into garrysmod

I want to port models into garrysmod but how??? i dont want anything with 3ds or blender there to advanced please help asap.

You may have to use those advanced programs to port, But if you want to port you have to learn man.

I already tried to export as well as compile with those 2 things wont work i installed the smd import and export plugins import on 3ds worked but not with export.

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And as they already said, you’re going to need to google it, and learn how to use Blender before you can even begin porting models.

It would help your case if you could master some high school level grammatical skills, first.

Secondly, you’ll need to use those ‘advanced programs’ seeing as though they are the only methods of going about porting. Google how to do it, unless you contact someone who knows what they’re doing.