I want to rent a Rust Server - which one is the best?

Hi, first of all I love RUST… it’s an amazing game… superb!

I want to rent a Rust Server - which one is the best? I checked on FPSPlayers, PlayRust.eu and HFB Servers. Anyone has good or bad experiences about this ones?

Thank you.

I use Nitrous Networks for my server, very happy with the level of support they give and they do give discounts if you find a cheaper host to compare prices with them.

Ok but is the server very stable, without lags and everything?

whatever you do, don’t go to fpsplayers, terrible company.

HFB is my new favorite !

Please can you guys tell me why no fpsplayers? And I’m still in a big doubt, does HFB servers are without lag or anything? Good support?

fpsplayers are terrible support, laggy servers, and very unprofessional. Overnight they changed my server IP without my approval / request - totally ruined the server.

Question: After my server is up and running, will it appear in Rust community server list?