I want to show you how much fun the game was before the c4 was added.

It took an hour and a half for a group 3 to take over my house. Everyone involved in the raid had a great time, they had to think how to break in, unlike now, which is pretty mindless. In the current state of the game what really matters is the amount of doors you have, not your house design, and this is a trend i’ve been seeing in all the patches after the c4, which is a shame in my opinion. Solo play before the c4 was entirely possible and extremely fun, bring it back!

Yeah the c4 is retarded.

Solo play is supposed to be hard.

we just need the blueprints to be more rare, for all BPs especially the explosive ones, same ofc for research kits. Only really big groups should be able to raid houses with c4 and they should need alot time to produce the c4.

Well yeah, C4 Shouldn’t really blow the metal doors with 7 charges, It would requie around 20 atleast, this is maybe a bit too much but, It’s too easy to get it, and it’s really easy to make one too. and that the doors break after 5 days, Well I dislike that a lot, but what can I say this is my opinion :slight_smile:

I don’t think you realize how powerful C4 is.

Dude sometimes its 1 charge to get one down, usually 3 at the most for me

Actully on the wiki it says you need 7 c4 to break a door

Wiki seems to be a bit outdated. I’ve seen only 2-3 used.

my bad then :confused:

the wiki aren’t outdated.

The metal doors got 1k health, they lose health each day, you can repair them by having the metal in slot 1-6 then while aiming at the door press the buttom 1-6 where you got the metal and it repairs it, In 5 days it lost all it’s health wich is 200 health a day, C4 takes around 140-170 dmg that’s why the wiki says 7 c4, it need 4 c4 around 15-30 minutes after it have been placed. and that’s why you only need sometimes 1 c4. :slight_smile:

they should just make the charge itself smaller and less powerfull, but still the same cost to create it.
right now you got a 500g C4 charge wich is enough to blow up a house IRL.

That is a bit outdated or something because recently i have been breaking doors down with 1-2 charges but honestly i think thats somewhat fair just because of how hard they are to make ( Just alot of resources to make 1 ) But i wouldn’t be sad if they weren’t in the game. I personally thing we should just have grenades

Their easy to made, but im playing on a pve server wich prevent me from getting killed, easily so I gather materials easy, when I got enough materials I craft 10, then while it’s crafting im watching a movie or something.

IRL you could probably take down a scrap metal door with one C4.

Well yea but thats PvE… and i mean honestly you will get alot of materials easily but there really is no reason to have them on PvE but if you want then i guess you could haha

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I would agree but idk the door could be thick… xD

Actully it’s based on how strong the metal door, My Reall grandfather is rich, he got a metal door that can handle around 4-5 C4, and it’s been tested

Yea and how thick…

It’s not very thick at all.

I don’t really remember, since it was a while ago I was there, but Yeah, I actually was like, Really, the walls is really thick the door I don’t really remember, but that was too much, and the food. Well thast not how I want to live, But from that it must have been 3x thick Nromal small wooden doors

I wish the game still had no c4. This looks much better than some random people just spamming c4 everywhere. If private servers do come out then I hope to see the ability to disable c4.