I want to start/join a Rust Group

Hello! I don’t know if this is the right place to post this type of stuff but I want to start or join a group on Rust :smiley: … I feel like playing games with people/friends is way much funner than just playing by yourself and just staying quiet… I do have Skype and a functional mic… I also have Teamspeak if that is the way you wish to communicate… Thanks :smiley:

what is your steam name my friend ??

Skype and Teamspeak, lol.

I think the only good way to find a group to play with is to find them ingame :§D



Hey, my group is looking for another few players, send me a PM on here or add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/domin8ed/ for more info

My Steam is SpartanCrafter0 and my skype is SpartanCrafter0 … Sorry for not mentioning that

I’m also looking for a GOOD group no scrubs I have over 200 hours into this game tired of going solo. Looking to play and dominate a high populated server. Add me jordansb8 is my steam id

Hi. We are looking for RUST players who speak english from ages 16~20 who play RUST on a Frequent basis. We have 8 members so far in our group and are looking for additional members in our RUST Faction so to speak. Anyway, we currently have members from China (Beijing and Shanghai), Saudi Arabia (Whatever the capital is there) and Australia. When we play we constantly use Skype & Steam Chat. If you are interested and meet the criteria listed above please contact me at Skype: wapigeon or Steam ID: wapigeon

Also if you have suggestions for clan or faction names - tht would be awesome!

Thank you guys so much and lets have a kickass time on RUST!