i want to start mapping, but dont know where to begin!

i want to start mapping, but i dont know all of the programs ill need other than garrysmod. i know ill need some hammer thing, but dont know the full name or where to get it, and im PRETTY SURE i wont need a REAL hammer to do this.

help appreaciated :slight_smile:

steam -> tools -> source SDK -> install

then http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Your_First_Map

Youtube is where I started learning.
3Kliksphilip In my opinion he’s the best for sdk tutorials on youtube.

You can find many tutorials on YouTube as well. But I recommend at least starting the first map tutorial by Valve. Go to YouTube after for further help, some of the videos can be very helpful.

As for practice, try get inspiration off real buildings/places (such as your own house or sheds/barns etc.). Give making a small map a go, too.

The hardest part of map making, in my experience, is finding a good, original idea for a map.

Here are some helpful links you should have bookmarked.

http://www.interlopers.net/errors/ (For problematic compile logs)

Stay away from other Youtubers, including 3Kliksphilip.
That being said, the more source games you get the more content you get to play with. The newest source games will allow you to use a newer engine.

Goodluck and happy mapping!


NEVER Carve, or hollow!

oh ive definetly got inspiration, i want to start because i have a great idea of a specific concept i want mapped. and can you animate npcs to put in maps? you know how in some games there are the scripted parts that you have no control of? like in MW2 where shepard whacks you, then stabs you? i basically want to make some of those but dont know if it can be done in garrysmod.

NEVER Carve, or hollow!

whats carving and hollowing and why shouldnt i?

Do not use those youtube tutorials. Firegod’s tutorials are good, and Lord Ned’s tutorials are great for beginners.

There are some tutorials on AI, or scripted sequences.

Stuff like mapping you really shouldn’t learn on YouTube.

It’s fine as long as you don’t use an idiotic series to learn from…such as the dreadful ones offered by the “famous mapper” 3kliksphilip.

It can cause a handful of issues with your map.
Not to mention… It makes your genitals fall off!
Really, would I lie to you? :devil:

In all seriousness, don’t do it. :biggrin:

You shouldn’t learn straight from YouTube, but it does come in handy when you want help with a specific thing.

Yeah, 3kliks isn’t that great. He doesn’t go that in-depth into certain things. For example, take this:

He goes over each subject too quickly. Doesn’t really explain why carving is bad (rectangles carving into rectangles isn’t the greatest way to show why it’s bad), and does a very quick and dirty job of explaining lighting.

If you’re some fag going to make some stupid TF2 orange map that looks ugly or another GMOD flatgrass/construct remake, then by all means, you should go with him. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for some actually serious mapping, don’t follow him.

haha #5

How about ‘no’?

Youtube isn’t that bad though (provided you listen to the mappers who know what they are talking about.). I learned how to make the antlion style caves from Episode 2 because of one such tutorial. And it worked perfectly.

You need to download Source SDK first to access Hammer, obviously. :slight_smile:
Some good sites are:
Valve developer wiki

Then of course, theres this site. The mapping section is (thankfully) full of intelligent and helpful users.

Good luck.

well are these things that restrict the player to doing a specific animation? ill look further into it, but this just looks like npc scripts.

I’m not so sure about players, but its mainly NPCs.

My first map was just a little map i threw together, i just add new stuff i learn and experiment, i find that this helps me leran new stuff, you should try it. My map started as a box with two cubes in it, one was a slope. Soon i progressed.

I then added water, then rain. I then started to expand. Tree’s, lighting effects, skybox changes. I then added places outside the box.

I know i may be a newbie to mapping but what im saying is do one thing and see where it takes you and keep progressing.

This hardly makes sense, because if you are a beginning mapper you cannot possibly know if it is an idiotic series. It’s best to just shy away from learning on youtube.

Not really…we have a huge repository of information out there. Essentially you are saying that as a beginner, they shouldn’t trust any tutorials, not even the high quality that we know that interlopers do.