I want to start up mapping.

Any good resources for me?

I’m not a “noob” i was quite fluent with the unreal editor for 2k4.

http://www.interlopers.net/ and http://halfwit-2.com/


Cheers guys, hopefully i can create something that will benefit the community & not just be another flatgrass remake.

Whatever you do, use a light_environment

Of course, i’m not new to mapping for games, just new to source. So i know the routines and details necessary to make it work. Thanks.

unless theres no skybox texture used.



I have a walkway - a simple cuboid brush. The players will use it alot, and it is always on view. There is alot of these brushes all connecting to a network of walkways. - Should these be func_details?

and what are the pros and cons of detailing or keeping them as brushes?

It’s difficult to say whether or not to use func_detail from what you’ve just said. To know whether or not to use it you need to know how maps come together when they’re compiled. I don’t know if I need to explain all this so just say if I should.

I know how the brushes cut up the visleafs (is that correct?)

What happens to brushes when you func_detail them, are shadows ruined, or something?

If I recall, func_details do not create visleafs because it’s meant for detail, not to hide or seperate another area. So if you’re using brushes to create edges or small details, you’ll want to func_detail it.

Alright then, well, this is one large boxed area, so there is no need for anything to be “hidden” from another area. If i kept them as brushes, would this not just create large un-necessary visleafs?

Afaik, complicated brush work. (collumns, pillars, spheres, cones, ect…) Should be func_detailed.


Yes yes, i understand Visleafs & complex brushwork needing to be detailed. thank you firegod :slight_smile:

Please can you look at my thread, rp/gm something, and give your helpful omniscient input.

Just download the skd and learn stuff from the “allready made” maps for hl2 or just find some tutorials in youtube, else.

Where can I get this?

I want to know too!

sorry you have to work with valve to gain access to the skd