i want to undo the last updates.


My base is in official Amsterdam server but i cant find it since the last 3 updates. If i use the client.connect command it says oudated version. So i build a new base in official ireland.
-> new update and its gone too!

I want my bases back. how can i undo the last updates? I cant disable auto updates in steam since the last update…

pls help

Servers are being wiped all the time. Here today, gone tomorrow.

besides, the official server that hosted your base is updated/wiped. it doesn’t matter if you rollback your version of rust, it won’t change anything.

yeah – the servers seem to get wiped with every update recently…

I’m not sure he meant his base was gone. I believe he meant that the server was gone.

Just having got the latest build at this time 1450, the Ireland server, has indeed gone from the list again, so there are no official servers in the list for the 1450 build currently.

Find a community server that says no wipe on it. Usually they don’t mean “NEVER WIPE” so much as “only wipe for big content patches.” It’ll give you more time on a server before having to start over.

wiping is not the main problem. i want a server that is FULL of players. Official server are full. But i cant find just one of them…

Just wait for the servers to update. You’re playing an alpha that’s in active development, remember. This isn’t a near-finished quality game.