I Want You!


this is my third posting on FP if this doesn’t get good reviews i suck and give up, i spent quite awhile on this one, tell me what you guys think


Tell me what you think

You’re posing in GM_Construct, which is bad.

JPG quality sucks, and it appears to me that you have used MS Paint for the propaganda poster and the words on the screenshot.

It’s better if you look off tutorials on this site and look at other screenshots posted by people here that have been around longer than you so that you can get an idea on how to make a good shot.

And if you have such a half-assed attitude and start to think about giving up on your third try then you probably shouldn’t go on posing.

That’s actually a level from half-life 2…

Yes i did use paint >.< im not sure what else to use, i have gimp but…idk exactly how to use it

No, don’t give up!

This isn’t very good looking, I’ll admit, but there is always loads of room for improvement! I’m not the one to be handing out tips, though. Like Caboose said, look for tutorials; they’ll help a lot. Also, if you want your pictures to look the least bit professional, then you’re going to need something more powerful than paint.

Gaaa Dangit! i forgot to turn on all the image enhancing things >.< wow im an idiot


Caboose, what would you use to write the stuff? and how can you tell what type of file it is? thanks for your comment, i’d be giving up on my third, fourth actually try because i do try very hard and there’s never anyone like Master Mates to make me feel any good about what i post, which leads me to believe that i suck and im not getting any better, so please people who are good tell me what programs you use for different things if i get another idea for something i’ll try again


But let me ask everyone this, if it looked good, would it be funny? or am i using the wrong kind of humor?


72 views and there’s only been two other people comment and one rating? , please people ,even if you’re just gunna bash me comment


=P thank you, im glad i could please someone

Okay, i changed some stuff and did this all with Gimp http://filesmelt.com/dl/Combine_Symbol_by_Lt_Co.png


Im going to sleep now,lol…

That’s much better! Major step up from your last. :golfclap:

Looks much better than the first.

Oh, and this is the first post I’ve made with my iTouch. WOO!

This is first post i’ve made with my iphone. Woo!

A historical moment! Someone must throw a parade and make this day a holiday! :smiley:

Gimp version is far superior.

haha, i feel honored that you’d use for first posts on my junky thread