I want your Crazy L4D Ideas!

Have you ever thought of a cool idea for something in l4d? Well i’m working on a map atm, and i want to make it have some unique events and features, aswell as lots of custom content.

So if you’ve got any ideas, that can be done in hammer (no custom models preferably) then i will see what i can do.

At the moment i am working on:

  • A puzzle based section.
  • A museum
  • A radio that triggers the horde and plays pendulum.
  • Trigger Event which causes a car to crash into a wall so the survivors can continue.
  • A playable piano.

Any ideas are great, and i’ll give you credit via a decal near the event.

Pitch-Black warehouse with 2 flickering lights or so.
Still haven’t seen mass-carnage in an area. EG: Blood everywhere, on the walls, on the floor, bodies with limbs splayed in every directiong. Nom.
Maybe an elevator like the one in NM4, but see if zombies can pour in.
Trigger event where a tunnel collapses underground.

collapsing tunnel! :love: Oh jizz in my pants

Alright, i’ll work on the tunnel and am going to try and ramp up the scare factor for a section of the level (A bio lab).

how about a puzzle you have to solve while fighting off an onslaught of zombies

Make abstract stuff, as in random, weird, and unexplainable designs.

Occlusion, if this is AT ALL possible.

Team of 4 enters room, directed to hit “E” on a light switch
Upon turning on the lights, they find themselves in a room FULL of horde, which chases them AS SOON AS THEY TURN ON THE LIGHTS. (NOT BEFORE).

Rooftop chase with zombies. The hordes look awesome jumping from rooftops and all.

A Building with lots of security.
Survivors are forced to pair up in 2’s. One goes the route to find a way out while the other pair takes the maitenince access tunnels and opens up security doors for the other pair.

strip club and all the zombies fuck you :smiley:

flatgrass map with zombies, like survial map

Maybe with the car, you could see it flying by (in the distance, where you can’t get to it, presumably filled with survivors) as zombies are trying to chase it and jump on top of it. As a sort of foreshadowing. Something to that effect.

Or, maybe it could be barreling towards you (on the other side of a fence/gate/large glass wall like in a plaza) with zombies all riding on it, trying to get inside, and it eventually flips. Taking out an obstacle and allowing you to continue… (I always picture a van, like the on in the airport in dead air)

Finally, perhaps you could be walking through an area, and just as you think you’ve hit a dead end, you hear tires squealing, and an engine revving up. Then… BAM!! It just un-expectedly rams its way through what appered to be a solid wall.

EDIT: Collapsing bridge? Maybe you think you’re supposed to continue across a bridge toward wherever it is you’re headed, but then the bridge collapses, and forces you to take a trip through some L.A. style canals. (Or the sewer, but that’s kinda played out). Or down a large freeway. As if the bridge were an overpass. Or if the bridge was part of a highway you’re already waling on, and it dumps you out into an underpass, onto street level. Mix ‘n’ Match whatever you like… ;c )

Lots of good ideas, i like the bridge collapse one spud, ie the survivors can see the saferoom but they have to take a very long route to get to it.

I also plan on adding:-
[#]A rooftop chase.
[#]Strip Club (Alla CSS)
[#]Mabye the 2 way split thing, though i was thinking that instead of the survivors going 2 ways, they start in different places in groups of 2 and have to converge.
[#]More scares.

Keep the ideas coming, thanks so far.

Nightclub, where the lights flash on and off every second :confused:
Might be too disorientating.
Or a warehouse section which bursts into flames and the flames spread slowly, and the survivors have to escape to the roof (ala rooftop chase)

How 'bout a gun store in which you can attain the higher class weapons, but you have to break the glass case (ala mele) to get to them. Triggering an alarm, and the horde.

Old abandoned fishing docks?

  • fish factory/market?

a small village with a fish market.

if your doing a survival map, place traps in it, or autoshooting turrets like the ones from hl2

A room like this, with less lasers of course, tripping one would set off an alarm and a panic event. You could have some locked up prize at the end of it like pills.