"I was a soldier before the bombs fell. Now I'm just like the rest of you."

Original, if anyone wants it.

Edit: Meant for the screenshots section, I fucked up and posted it here by accident.

Nice model.

How do you manage to fail this bad?


I was browsing the screenshots section and this one on different tabs, I guess I spaced out and clicked ‘New Thread’ on the wrong tab.

Can you post the model while your here?

Hmmmm, was expecting a WWII pose by that title. not bad, though.

Wasn’t that a line in Red Dawn?

I haven’t seen Red Dawn in about a year, so I wouldn’t know.

And the model is from Alex Vestin’s MW2 Operators.

I quite like it, it could use some more and better editing. But for now, you are on a decent track.