i was banned on rust for no APPARENT REASON.

ok i was logging onto rust because i bought it with my dads stuff his email is modelersattic@yahoo.com i got banned idk why but it says im banned. it might be because my internet sucks or something? but i havent done anything to get banned at all garry please send me a msg. it would really help i dont want to explain to my dad that the game he bought me for 50 bucks banned me for no apparent reason at all. please msg me back garry. i have g mod and have played at least 1000 hours on it i would really appreciate you looking into this…

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re: now it says im not banned. idk what it was but i guess you did look thanks :smiley:

The page always says that if you log-in the page offline. So if there is maintaince, bad internet, lose of internet, or any other latency problems it will show that message. It’s probaly in the best interest to wait at least an hour before you panick

are you using internet explorer?

it happened to me too but i used a ticket and yeah now im unbanned i figured out why i got banned it was because i left my computer over night on accident this gets u baned for a short period like an hour

Were u inactive for a month i think u can get banned for being inactive.

Not anymore, Garry said that was a one time thing.


I wouldn’t be surprised if he does it again sometime in the future, but that’s only been done once so far.

And before anyone freaks out at me, I mean, he would only be cleaning out inactive free keys. Garry has already stated that he will not be inactive-deleting paid accounts the way he nuked the free accounts that one time.