I was banned

from life…


I’m thinking of buying a new server for this game. I’ve had many CSGO/CSS servers in the past that were a success. However, this game is moderately different. It seems all hosting providers are European. Can anyone recommend a good hosting site? Alternatively, is anyone interested in joining our ‘soon-to-come’ new server with 10 people already? :slight_smile:


(User was banned for this post ("Undescriptive thread title, missed the servers subforum" - postal))

So were you banned in game, or was this a stupid tactic to get more people to view your thread? If the first, post your steam profile, if the second, fuck right off.

Read the first line of my post… also, there is this little Steam logo under my name that you can click to see my profile.

Then the answer is fuck right off. You only made that your title to draw attention, don’t do that. No one help this guy, thanks.

So are you saying people being banned draws more attention than someone wanting to start a new server in a growing game? Smart tactic on my end, ignorant offense on your end.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Don’t make misleading titles.
Don’t skipover reading the rules. There is a thread for server owners.

This post actually had the opposite effect…I now do not want to join your server.

Good job

It does draw more attention. Because us as forum readers, love to read the dramatic backgrounds and view how the original poster was unaware of the programs on his computer, but it was more than likely his roommate that did it while on their own server and teleported across the map in the admin tool.

you may get punished for the missleading title… its 100% irrelevant to your post, and mods dont like that. nor do the members. i expected a sob story about how you didnt hack and got banned. i was sadly disappointed.

From what ive heard, most of the hosters atm arn’t that great(word of mouth, not from experience). but i can vouche for multiplay being half decent. only have a few random server crashes/restarts, never any downtime. but ive never used another hoster, nor have i tried any mods on the server, so i dont know if there wioll be complications.

And every server provider can provide both NA and EU servers to my knowledge.