i was gonna get a mic for this game..

but people still shoot you even if you say you’re “friendly” or “dont shoot”. no point in talking other than to talk shit. everyone is kos now, even naked rock cavemen. so i guess this isn’t a game to get along with new people and build communities, its a game where you and your friends go around killing indiscriminately. and garry says thats the vision he has for his game?

It’s a PvP game. people are allowed to shoot on sight.

I don’t understand the point of your thread.

You are unsure of wether to get a Mic, yet the thread is nothing about microphones, but complaining about something that isnt going to change anytime soon.

Your thread is like 60% of the threads in this subforum. Your not going to change anything. Your wasting yours and everyone’s time with threads like these.

Carebear go play a none pvp server or go back to minecraft.