I was hanged in a rp server.

Today my first ever try at gmod. I joined a random server trying to learn the controls and how to play.So i ask someone. Im new can I have help. Then this guy came and hit me with something and i turned into a ragdoll thing. Then someone used a rope or something to hang me from a building then a group formed around me and started taking pot shots at me and hitting me with stuffs.It was fun at start but after being there for 5 minutes of being hanged I left. I think these people are known as mingebags. So can someone give me some tips on how to deal with these mingebags

Most DarkRP servers are they’re main territory :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish i would get hanged…

shay carl!

Rule 1 Don’t go on DarkRP servers
Rule 2 Don’t be a victim
Rule 3 Just ignore them.


All important Rule 4

Don’t join random servers.
Stick with a selected server group of your choice.

What he said. My first Gmod Experience was… Well, I had a simmilar thing happen. One of the admins teleported me to a small room on bigcity, tied me up and “Raped Me” while making sex sounds over the mic. DARK RP is a scary place man.

Someone tried that on me due to RPing as a female cop when I first started playing. Little bastard tried abusing his teleport on me and all, so I arrested him for sexual harrassment of an officer of the law. Got banned. :v:

Some of them are actually decent, but its rare to find a good one.

I recommend is try to find a good one. Then if you want to get deeper in roleplay such as you can make a char and Dev him. Join a Tacoscript or something else

Cakescript can be delicious and non suckish most of the time.

I rarely venture into the Gmod section, but A++ thread.

I smell a troll in here.

Sometimes I’d wish they’d hang the whole GMod RP community, so we could start anew.

Rule 4 Get a gun, think of it as PROTECTION

and then we’d hang that new rp community too

Yea… you know… just so theres /noone/ to remember the first one.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! may I introduce to you… GMOD!!!