I was only 19



Something I made awhile ago:

It looks like a 2009 CGI scene. P good overall.

Pleasing for the eye.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing haha.

smex and also y

I mean considering the fact that today’s best real time graphics can only get up to early 00’s CGI in terms of quality, i’d say this looks oustanding m8.

I really like the one with the Spetsnaz dudes. Great work as usual.

Thanks it’s somewhat inspired by s.t.a.l.k.e.r

superior lighting as always

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also i think noofa is talking about that low poly model

other than the rucksack straps it’s p decent.


I have to ask how is this informative vioxtar?




good work id rate but i dont have the option to for some reason

Looks really good, outstanding work!
If you have any more of these, you should make an imgur folder, I’d be happy to see the rest. :smile:

You can go to his deviant art link right bellow his avatar or just visit the previous threads he made by clicking on his profile and selecting “find latest started threads”.


very nice image.

could you share what models you used to make this?


ee found them nevermind :slight_smile:

I loved shrek so much

thanks man