I was toxic in official server and i regret it :(

HI i have 800 hours on rust and i have had the game for i think 6 months now.

when i got the game (like 30 hours) i was really toxic and unkind.
i got banned for abusive chat and made many appeals and many moderators said no one has ever been unbanned so i went on other servers and realised that fp servers are alot better and i want to appeal. I feel like face punch servers are more fun then like rustafied and other non fp servers and i find rust boring without them.
If i got unbanned i wouldnt care if i get like a perm mute i just want to go back on fp servers and have fun with my friends. :slight_smile:

if my appeal goes through i will make sure this will never happen again i am very sorry this happend :frowning:
thank you

The mods are right, noone (except one, do not ask who) has ever been unbanned from Rust.