I was VAC banned for no reason

i tryed to join a server today when an error came up saying i was VAC banned so i googled it and it said i was hacking i have never hacked in my life i dont know how to do it but my brother was on my computer when i was away on a trip with my friends i come back to play on it and i seem to be banned i dont understand i pay 15 pounds for this game (i really enjoy it is good for an alpha) and i get banned because of my stupid brother

Uh huh. Well, at any rate, nobody on this forum can help you. Contest your ban at Steam Support: https://support.steampowered.com/

i cant log in it wont let me

Seems the rust kiddies are evolving with hard to google names like devproject and AlphaGames.

whats wrong with my name

You are not going to get that VAC removed so facepunch your brother and then send him out with a lawn mower to get your 15 pounds back so you can make a new account and buy the game again.

Maybe you should try reading. Steam Support accounts are separate from your Steam account.

i dont want to make another account i have all my stuff on my normal account

I mean, fuck. How hard is this to understand?

This is on the login page.

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Answer: Hard, apparently.

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When did VAC and Steam Support’s registration process both become idiot culls?

i know that i was saying my login was wrong when it want calm down

Are you still trying to log into Steam Support using the same username and password as your Steam account?

no i got in but

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Do these people never tire you elix?

it has to get old at some point.

how can it when you get gems like

like you deliberately have to go ‘yeah I’m gonna post this’ and post it

Optimistic x1 (list)

wth im clicking list and it doesn’t work
this is bugged