i was watching Game of Thrones when suddenly


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Spotting out the spikes in the film that are in the game, I see what you did there:dance:

Wait did those guys just get raided with rocks and arrows??

Oh yes they did…

just look at their base :suicide:

I see baracades

Yes, but the camera hasn’t moved close enough to them, so they look like wood walls in the picture. If we could zoom, they would pop into detail.

And just like post-Rust battle, you see guys nervously looting, looking around to make sure they don’t get cracked in the back of the skull with a rock.

No, it’s the horse. It’s coming to rust. :v

Those spike barricades aren’t unique to Rust and there’s a very high chance whoever put them in the show has no clue what Rust is. Spiked barricades, or any barricade for that matter, have been around for centuries.

That and that episode was filmed and aired long before Rust was released for early access purchase.