i was wondering if any coders could help with this

i am a noob get over it.

what i would like help with

  1. how to make one derma talk to annother
  2. how to then set the player to leader of that faction
  3. how to get the leader to then go and let others join his team
  4. how to make chat commands done
    what i am trying to do is make 2 derma menus come up with
    euan applied for team 1
    why he would like to apply
    hi its me this is a test guys

meny thanks captain-britian


also i was wondering is there any way to save the players team that he is on if he disconects etc

Can you be more clear on your willing? I cant understand what your trying to do. Well for saving you could use Mysql or the other thing I dont remember.

Scared of punctuation or what?

You are being very helpful.

i think u can understand it now not sure

It would help to describe your focus for this, or at least what you are trying to get at with these, so we know how to help. -snip- Anyways,** take a look** at how DarkRP does it.

ChatCommands = { }

–Chat command, Callback, Should the prefix stay constant?
function AddChatCommand(cmd, callback, prefixconst)
table.insert(ChatCommands, { cmd = cmd, callback = callback, prefixconst = prefixconst })

function GM:PlayerSay(ply, text)
self.BaseClass:PlayerSay(ply, text)
local ftext = string.lower(text)

for k, v in pairs(ChatCommands) do
	if (v.cmd == string.Explode(" ", string.lower(text))[1]) then
		return v.callback(ply, "" .. string.sub(text, string.len(v.cmd) + 2, string.len(text)))

if (CfgVars["alltalk"] == 0) then
	TalkToRange(ply:Nick() .. ": " .. text, ply:GetPos(), 250)
	return ""

return text


Good job, you’re addicted to DarkRP.

For the rest, you probably want this done FOR you, since you don’t even know how to do derma, in which case this should be in Requests.

I’m hilarious, aren’t I? Snipped.

You too.

Talk to another what?

You dont have leaders; you have 2 different jobs and you RP it.

as in one message like the personal chat but an ingame application
like the voting system but with the leaders of the faction that the person applys for says yes or nah you cant join for what ever reason

and for the leaders they have to be in the same faction because then it has to look the same in the scoreboard

  1. You mean team-chat?

  2. I see.

  3. It’s still 2 different jobs, independent of eachother; just have the same colour on the scoreboard.

so does any one know how you can get derma to talk/shareinfo for what i need or is this way over any ones knowlage if it is i will have to find out how darkrp works (strips darkrp folder)

Im sure you can save what you need to read on the other derma somehow, then read it on the other one.

right just a quick question how do you spawn ents in a grid

If you can’t write your own Derma, I suggest this:


A DermaDesigner. Basically develop all of your derma but with a designer for ease.

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