i was wondering....

Can someone point me to how to use wire mod… because as of right now, it’s not that easy to me, as it is to some…

why not find a tutorial on wiremod…I mean there are turorials all over the gmod wiki

Wiremod requires logical thinking.

Wiremod Wiki quote:

This is a very simple turret that Fires when someone crosses the trip line.
Building it:
Spawn a turret, with desired options, facing where ever you want it to shoot.
Spawn a ranger, (make sure you have it default to zero),facing the area you want to protect.
Spawn a constant value of 0. (I’m doing this for the sake of simplicity)
spawn a greater than gate, and wire A. the ranger, B. the constant value of zero.
Wire the turret (Fire) to the greater than gate.
As you cross the ranger’s line, it fires the turret! Amazing!
This is how it works, knowing this will help you learn more about wire mod. When you cross the ranger line, the ranger’s output to the “greater than” gate becomes greater than the constant value of 0. So then the greater than gate gives an output of 1, and because the turret is connected to the greater than gate, It fires.
Hope this helps-