"I washed for supper!"


I’ve been training and training hope you like it! C&C!

Based on “Saving Private Ryan”

Its alright


Obviously you didn’t watch the movie closely. A surrendered soldier wouldn’t fall back like that after being shot. He’d just collapse. Muzzleflash seems to white and I doubt it would be that vivid at day, his left hand isn’t fully holding the weapon. Blur seems kinda excessive.

too bad you can’t facepose the DOD:S models :< otherwise good pose


finally, someone gets it

center mass shots don’t cause people to fly backwards or spasm out. the bullet enters and pierces the body; it doesn’t punch you in your chest while it tears through your organs!!!

^ Yeah, the only kind of bullets that will make you fall are big shells(such as 30mm or more) and shotgun slugs at the range of 5 metters due to the mass of the pellets. Bullets are made to travel through air. If bullets were made in a way to actually make you fall they couldn’t have more velocity than 30(metters) most likely less.
Okay they picture is ruined by the blurr that covers a lot of unwanting space, you should also use better german models(the dod:s are fine) and the posing is not very good at all(assuming you are kyno)
Further more, i would like to have your steam ID so we can get you to posing.

Same with most headshots since they destroy the spinal cord stopping any spasms.