"I wasn't expecting any patients, but you'll do just fine.."

Inspired by Outlast, scary ass game! Thanks for the release Mask, perfect timing :smiley:


1080p version


Any comments or criticism? Love to hear how I can improve! You know the drill, haha.

That’s actually one of the best photos I’ve seen around here. Lighting and posing are both awesome along with the total scene.

Maybe… to improve the image, perhaps remove the lights from the background (as I see no reason for them to be there, other than illumination for show), and make the light from the operating table larger in diameter, becoming the main / only light in the scene. The single light source with shadows will add to the scene better (This thread was listed in Personal Skins recently, and I’ve yet to try it, but it could help a lot http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1112981 ).

But seriously, it’s a great picture.

Thanks for the feedback! I’d have to agree with you, that would be a great idea having a single light source coming from the operating table. It would make things much more dramatic. I may consider that for future picture’s I make, see how that goes. Thanks again! :smiley:

Oh wow, the expressions are great, the atmosphere looks wonderful, very excellent work :slight_smile:

that trained and heavily armored soldier with the assault rifle better watch out, or else that 70 year-old anorexic man might… grab his arm? or scratch him with his fingernails!

in all seriousness that’s pretty good

“But I don’t want to be part of your experiments!”

Fantastic picture, decidedly creepy.