I went into some sort of wierd twilight zone-ey place in flatgrass

I don’t know if this is the right section but whatever

So I was playing gmod in flatgrass, and I spawned a fan (pushes things) at max settings, and I went above it while in noclip, and it pushed me way above the map until it appeared I was back in the map, but everything wasn’t solid. I couldn’t spawn anything there, but I could make bullet holes while shooting it. And when I hit it with a crowbar, it made a hole, but the crowbar’s animation was as if I was swinging at nothing. If I turned off noclip I would fall through the ground.

What is that place?

You must have been playing it on multiplayer and got to one of the duplicate maps.

duplicate maps?
meaning there are non solid maps in the void D:?

http://www.wiremod.com/forum/wiremod-general-chat/11444-void-ship-project.html <—Huge thread, but worth the read.

It goes into detail about the duplicate maps and other weird stuff that shows up in both multiplayer and maps with leaks in them.

This requires an investigation!!!

I’ve seen this on Freespace, I was noclipping up to the skybox to avoid my PC dieing from effect spam, and when I hit the skybox I was, what felt like teleported, to the center of the Z axis, but there were no more effects or users being rendered. It’s a weird thing…

I had a video of the effect I filmed a while back. I went and did a few tests attempting to spawn objects then in real time went back to the real map to show that nothing was spawned. I also tried NPCs and turned mat_wireframe on and off a few times to see if I could get anything to show up. If I can find it, I will put it up on YouTube or something.

i went strait down in multiplayer on construct. i landed on a duplicate. couldnt spawn anything,