I will do any Vehicle in exchange of TF2.

I can’t change the name of the Thread, now call it vehicle requests and news or something…

For formal requests please **[http://www.facepunch.com/fp/vb/buttons/sendtofriend.gif

PM**](http://www.facepunch.com/private.php?do=newpm&u=155980), thanks.

The following vehicles are just examples of what can be that you are looking for, but you can request any vehicle.

It can be a futuristic Truck from a source mod:

Or just a Van to despite your hate…
Or maybe what you need is a police car to chase down criminals in your RP server…
Or maybe you need an Ambulance to rescue the injured after the bank robbery comited by the previous mentioned criminals…
Some of my prev work:

And Stuff that im working on:


I do have a second CSS.


I don’t have any requests, nor extraneous income to give you TF2, but do you mind if I contact you later, if I ever do need vehicle models rigged? I’m talking months down the line, minimum.


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What do we learn?: think twice before buying, you can always find another option.

He might have bought GMod before TF2 came out, or before that bundle was offered. That’s how I got it, for instance.

I’m sure you don’t need it. I’ll just be taking off your hands then.

Edit: I could buy you a milkshake

I need CSS aswell so if u are interesed just ask what u want, may be better contact me by PM.

Oh fuck, screw me, I already gave it away. ARGH

Sad indeed, well, tell me again when u have another game twice.

I will take any other Source game(not only TF2), even Gmod it self.

Anything, just Ask.


  1. Can you do helicopters?

if so…

  1. Where do you live/Steam ID (PM this)

if not…

2.5) Can you do tanks?

You should do a few trucks from TF2.

I can do the proper model rig and anims, not the code it self, the source engine doesn’t have a Drivable Helicopter entity, so its needed a thirdparty coder like Sakarias, how has doed a helicopter vehicle.

Tanks are complicated, can be done, but them cant have the tracks fully animated, so in low velosity them will be glitching a bit.
Its up to the model also.
The most close to a tank that I have done was a Halftrack:


The model in question is the M1A1 from the CoD4 Vehicles pack

…or if you’re not comfortable with that, the Armored Van from L4D’s Crash Course would be epic.

So TF2, or what game?

That M1A1 can be done, will work very well, i have to figure how to anim the tracks since them are a whole piese, but the suspension will work.

And about the L4D Crash Course Armored Van can be done too.

ey whatz program you use to make that ?

I use Milkshape 3D.

Also check out:

The First requested vehicle is out :smiley:
L4D Crashcourse Armored Truck Driveable with the Baggage tractor as a bonus vehicle.

-snip-, nevermind

Hes got the skills to do this, but he shouldn’t just do what everyone wants; that would be stressful and time consuming; I think this is a good deal. If you REALLY want a vehicle, you’ll do what it takes to get a good one. If not, you can wait until one of the others does it, but who knows if they will and how well it’ll be done. Or you could do it yourself.

But I’m lazy, in need of the crash course van, and I had some spare cash, so I went for it.