I will edit YOUR Comic!

I would like to offer YOU, fellow posers and comicmakers, a once in a lifetime collaboration.
I, experienced screenshot editor and garrysmod veteran, want to edit your COMIC! My leg is broken and since I can’t do much except letting it heal and enjoying a nice cup of tea, I have a huge amount of time on my hands!

Now, you’ve got an awesome idea in the back of your mind, but lack the editing powers to realise it?
Your masterpiece action comic is gathering dust in the back of your harddrive because you can’t edit it yourself?
Well good sir, the time has come for you’re brainchild to see the light of the internet.

You think you have the skill to pose an incredible adventure, the ideas to make the one comic that people can’t wait to read? Send me a PM and I’ll take a look at it!

  • the comic should have more than 8 panels
  • the genre doesn’t really matter, action would be cool but I can work with serious or tragic stuff, too
  • you should have thought out the dialogs (well, less is more because it really cuts me to the quick when most of the edited picture is covered with text)
  • Good and realistic (face-) posing is ESSENTIAL
  • No ingame-effects like explosions, fire or whatever. Exeptions: Lamps and super DOF)

My Editing Portfolio (extract):



Mhmm, yeah I think thats all. If there are any questions, just ask.

I might take you up on this.

I’ve done this before for people. Have fun trying to fit extended dialogue into frames that have no room for it because the person didn’t take into account the effect of camera positioning on comic editing.

What. That’s like a very basic rule in comic-making.

Okay, hi. Welcome to Gmod comics. The basic rules don’t apply here because everything is interactive.

Add me to steam friends if you get the time. I’m starting to work out a comic in my head. The only reason I haven’t made comics before is because of bad editing skills.

Oh, Popwar you so craazzyy.

Work with me on Corridor of Ashes, I dare you <3

If you’re ok with it, I’ll make sure to make looooong episodes with crucial choices instead of short ones with wittle choices.

Pshhh not everything is interactive…


I would ask you, but I’d rather see you help out someone who can’t edit on their own, as I can do stuff myself.

This makes me sad, because I want to make my story idea into an interactive comic.

A not shitty one. A good one like Corridor of Ashes. Reason I haven’t started on it yet is I’m still ironing out the storyline.

I’m sorry, I just like the idea of interactive comics. They give the reader far more entertainment (it’s one thing to simply read or watch something, but quite another to be a part of it and decide the outcome of it; see video games), and allow the comic maker some fun as well (let’s face it, guys, spending seven hours on a comic only to have 3 people read it for a total sum of 7 minutes of reading time isn’t very fun. It gets repetitive quite quickly.)


How’d you break your leg anyways!?

You’re good. But, is that last image a reference to Inglorious Basterds? Sick image!


I don’t see the fun in reading a comic that shares the same reader base as every single other interactive comic around. Regardless of the story/setting/character, it more often than not ends up being overly predictable, despite “random” elements being thrown in on occasion due to the same people thinking up responses.

I’d rather watch a good movie than American Idol. I’d also rather read a good book than a choose-your-own-adventure; see Goosbumps lol.

I’m not telling you not to make an interactive comic, by the way. That’s certainly the best way to get a bunch of readers. But yeah, when all is said and done I’d rather have made something that will still make sense in six months as opposed to 99% of the interactive comics that just have a character in a all too familiar setting making seemingly random decisions.

Interactive comics can be done well, but they require good storytelling skills, presentation and most importantly - a talent for reacting to influential posts in a way that doesn’t ruin the comic.

Personally, I oppose the LOLRANDOM interactive comics that seem to be very prolific here.

I’ve already planned out a few key points for mine. I don’t intend to have every single possible thing interactive, because then it completely destroys the story - rather, only have important cruxes that players decide on (serious) actions for. I’ve already planned out the repercussions for a few of these.

Good storytelling isn’t an issue for me - I generally have too much story to tell in the span of a single comic.