~I will fight no more~




the shells flying out of the gun look really bad

This this OH GOD this.

Good composition. What did you do to change the coloring and vignetting? Was that some kind of ingame effect? The reason I ask is because the top right side has a line where the colors instantly transition over, like there’s something blocking the screen.

The vignetting needs far more blur. The way vignetting works is that the single pixel in the corner is 100% opaque, 100% black. After that, you can have all of the dimness and highlighting you want. To me it looks like most of the vignetting itself is black with very little blur on the edge, which in return just adds a crappy black overlay which you don’t want.


its a screenshot, not a pose

Nice screenshots, I like the lighting.


where are those shells they are talking about…


Rated autistic

the painting is realy nice

its lovely!~