"I will kill anyone that touches you." Father/Son hiding from cannibals

From “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy. DON’T SPOIL ANYTHING I’M NOT DONE WITH IT YET!


Gotta love the road. But the models of dad and son are a bit meh.

Nice, but the dad needs more scruffy hair

This picture is fucking amazing!

It’s like the only kid model though

Couldn’t find a parka dude for the dad, so I just chose the scruffiest looking dude.

It wasn’t scruffy-looking enough, though.

I made some ‘The Road’ poses not too long ago, it’s a shame there isn’t any good models for the dad.


Nevermind, found it:

What exactly is “The Road”? :v:

Keep seeing some creepy ass pictures come from its inspiration.

“Boy looks hungry…”

I’m going to look for the book and watch the movie sometime.

Anyhow, not a bad picture, simple. The posing is good as far as I can tell, and the worn out greyness gives the picture its atmosphere.

So, fairly nice work.

I love the atmosphere.

It’s a damn good book written by Cormac McCarthy, the guy who wrote No Country for Old Men. It’s a story of a father and his young son wandering through a postapocalyptic wasteland. It’s no Mad Max, though; It’s fairly plotless. It’s got fairly polarized reviews online. People either love the story and the book, or hate it on account of the plotlessness and extreme lack of punctuation. I love it, though.

Also, it’s a movie now, and Viggo Mortensen stars in it.

Thanks. The greyness is very deliberate, the text goes into detail about how the sky is blotted out and ash will often rain down, making everything look grey.

The guy with the surgical mask looks a little odd, but otherwise it’s great.

Guy with surgical mask looks like he’s about to collapse


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