I will never forget what I did... (soldier has a flashback)

Its a first edit for me.
Its also my first so hello.


thread music.

O_O…thats not the soldier i know

I leak grey when I get upset too. I thought it was just me.

:lol: chesty

Dishwater eyes!

I cry mercury.

why are his eyes melting?

What’s the background suppose to be? An mushroom cloud? :raise:

Flashback of…
Walking into his mother’s room one night.

Oh god I just noticed the random paint brushes in the background.

He raped a pyro.

Random and bolded CApS!

Ark of the covenant

has anyone listened to the thread music?

Use [media] tags on music, people get lazy to click on links.

what is the media tag for videos?

Same as an image tag. Only instead you type in [media]

And nobody wants to watch a long and boring live video.

I will never forget… my first discovery of Microsoft Paint©.

beat me to it