"I will survive..." - Prison screenshot


Will appreciate C&C.

Also, a premiere for one of my upcoming comics “I”. Still will pose and practice before actually begin working on the comic on GMOD.

Edit created by T.F.W.O.:


If you posed every single one, I’m impressed.

He looks way to happy/calm.

And I will get gang banged to…

I was just adding:c00l: Dof is a bit strong. But ok picture.

Tried. Most of them I did. Some others I duplicated, so I didn’t want to waste posing something that is getting blurred anyway.

That’s the mystery.

Thanks. I didn’t use DOF though, I simply blurred the background while I path, copied, and pasted the Male_09. But I understand, too much blur.

Thank you all for the C&C.

nice man, the variety of posing looks good, although the pic should be darker for it is a prison…

Unless it is filled with White Collars. :3

Prisons have lights to you know. And they are actually pretty bright. No dark corners for inmates to do mischief. Guards must see all.

i’m just saying, a darker atmosphere would better fit the picture thats all

Yes probably.

Do you have the original? I want to try something.

  • posing and angle are good
  • sun beams are a bit too strong

I couldn’t do nothing about the sunbeams, it came with the map.

And here is the original.