I wish the Facepunch could pay more attention to our advice

Many Chinese and some other Asian gamers, i guess, are enjoying this awesome game
with a ping of 300ms or more, not to mention the disconnection that happens now and
the, which really reduce the joy of this game.

Besides, some merchants are reasaling servers on Taobao.com, a China version of
Ebay.These resaled servers are not safe and balanced at all because we will never
know when it will be closed and wiped.

Meanwhile some other games are trying to solve this problem by establishing offical
local servers or allowing local people to establish community servers in China, like
CS GO and DoTA 2.

I hope some guys work in Facepunch will see this post and I am really looking forward
plenty of long-term servers with lower ping.

Ithink the words above represent thoughts of many Chinese players

Rust’s favorite Chinese players!**

How can you even make a post like this.

You can’t expect to get everything.

The game is in EARLY alpha and will be for a long time. Don’t treat it like it’s done…

We can only hope Facepunch attention about, do not ignore our Chinese players

“do not ignore our Chinese people…” sounds funny:)
China wont think about us eighter :stuck_out_tongue: Most games made in china wont even come to Europe…
Have patience… when there is enough demand for it… then it will also come to China… and you people get your own server hosts… but the game is in ALPHA state… so have patience… :slight_smile:

We didn’t ask everything,just want to open the net port for China’s IP address so we can have local servers with lower ping. That really not takes effort.

We just want to be able to have a real Chinese servers want to get a better gaming experience.

hope so. That’s true, we mainly provide industrial products now. But you can see the progress that many game publishers are providing Chinese version of games. I think that will be a trend. Hope Facepunch won’t lose the opportunity at first step.

Well, this we know. China’s regulators are still strict, local games rarely outflow abroad.

We want to meet the international standards, hoping to make more international friends.

We will try to find BUGs in Rust and improve the game

Garry was asking on Twitter two weeks ago for any providers of dedicated servers that have multiple locations around the world.

You could be useful yourself and help out - list any Chinese/Asia reputable dedicated server providers and we could pass on that information to him/Facepunch so that they can set up local servers there.

they wont do that yet because the game is in early alpha

many thanks to your advice. would you plz tell me what is his tweet name? :v:

google is your friend also… even your from China;) https://twitter.com/playrust

We wish you guys would stop spamming our forums.
We can’t get everything in life.

define “spamming” and define “your” forum please.
Or you can get out. :)

You can really unfriendly huh

Hes American, he thinks everything is his heheh :quagmire:

It’s in alpha, the focus is not the ping, servers, hackers, or DDoS. The primary focus for the devs is gameplay, once they’ve built on that sector of the game, I’m pretty sure they’ll start addressing these issues as fast as possible.

I don’t see any reason to shun these guys, they’re being completely reasonable. Better this than a DDOS attack right? :v:

This one time in Rust Official Server (Singapore), the only alphabetical name I can see is my own name.

Well done Chinese/Korean player :v: