I wish they could have linked up the closed alpha testers to there facepunch accounts...

That way they could set criteria for being allowed into the alpha such as the date you joined facepunch, how many posts you have etc.

Would weed out the people who are playing the game for fun when they are meant to be testing it.

Would’ve been nice.

Bans merged with the accounts wouldn’t be bad, at least during the alpha.

read: i want to feel like a special pumpkin because only I can play the alpha

Join date elitism
Postcount elitism
that’s a horrible idea

At least attaching accounts to your facepunch account would be nice.

There’s only a certain amount of testing we can do, the game doesn’t really have too much content right now.

I understand where you’re coming from, but many folks who are relatively new to the forum, may have lots of game testing experience.

Watching a video some youtuber posted doesn’t count as testing a game.

do you realize what game testing actually is

it isn’t this fun thing they show in commercials

in all honesty, i bet real game testers don’t want to go home and play games

That’s the equivalent to telling people to log in with their Facebook account to play.

Fuck no.

Game testers intentionally find exploits and glitches in the game once they’ve played through it.

The difference between the assholes in Rust and actual exploit testing is that the assholes who hack and glitch do it for personal gain and do nothing to help the game. Game testers who find glitches and exploits, report them right after and don’t continue it to detriment other people’s experience.

In reality, there are very few actual “game testers”. We’re all just players who happen to stumble upon a potential glitch or hacker and report. We don’t actually search for exploits and glitches with the purpose of reporting them.