I wish to learn Lua scripting (Willing to learn)

I have been always wanting to make my own little gamemode.I’ve been looking for a decent tutorial for lua but yet to find any.Today i ask for assistance in my quest to learn the LUA language and start working on basics to medium to hard lua stuff.
I hope someone can recommend me something

here ya go! http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Lua_Tutorial_Series

I know these, i use the base but i feel it isn’t in-depth enough.

Well then my suggestion is to just mess around and see what you can do. Also take a look at other peoples lua to see how you can do things. I also think that messing with gamemodes can be very helpful in learning seeing as how they cover pretty much every aspect in gmod.

Take Mike&Ike’s advice.
However, if you do that, there will never be anything new and amazing, just the same things repeated with slightly different features. Like literally all of my SWEPs. Or many of Kermite’s guns.

Well you look at code to learn. Then you take that and make uber epic things.

read the pil, it’s almost google status.

I can not stress this enough, you must be blind if you didn’t see the sticky upon entering the forum, READ THIS POST, IT WAS AT THE TOP OF THE FORUM YOU JUST POSTED IN: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/868561-Need-help-READ-THIS-FIRST!

Constantly browse the wiki and the Lua questions section, and make sure to look at other people’s code. Try to mimic it, and make edits of gamemodes.
When you think that you have mastered something, move on and make more advanced stuff.

You need to be patient and train every day.