I wish you could report griefing players - PvE Server

Apparently everyone on the PvE server atm, knows about these two guys. Their ingame names are “Gringo7676” and “Rastaman27”. I logged on for the first time today. I thought I’d try the PvE server to get used to the game before going into a PvP server. I spent about an hour or so gathering and crafting, and had just built my first early shelter when these two guys smash down my door and loot my chest. I noticed these guys were hanging around the spawn area, griefing other people’s houses, blocking off doors, and stealing anything though could. I decided to walk across the map and try and find a safer area. I met a nice guy who helped me plan our my first real house, telling me how to make it more secure. I gathered up enough wood to try again, and had just finished the foundation and the walls, when those two same guys hop over my walls (via a staircase they built) and enter my house. Suddenly they wall me up in a corner (luckily it was the only corner with a door), and start jumping around like some victory dance. I tell everyone in chat what happened, and get replied to by many people saying they were griefed by the two same guys. They then proceed to wall up every house’s door around me, after breaking in a looting of course.

This is where it gets strange. I yell over voice chat at these guys. I call them children and curse at them in anger. They then run back up to me and start yelling in voice chat, “I am French, my server, my server” over and over to me. I reply again by calling them children, and also tell them that everyone knows who they are now, since they have been griefing everyone all day. Suddenly they stop what they are doing, and start giving me items. They then start running around, to the treeline and back, giving me more items every time they get back to me. They I don’t know if they were trying to give me stolen items so it gets traced back to me, or if they wanted me to just not report them. I took what seemed like the items they took from me, and then logged out to make this post.

I guess my point is, I know that it is hard and almost pointless in an alpha to actively fight this kind of behavior. I just wish (and I’m not expecting anything) that there was some kind of deterrent against this kind of thing.

Griefing on pve should be not allowed. i actually agree with this.

There are d*cks around everywhere :slight_smile:

Sounds like they surrendered easily, surprise there haha

Rastaman will pay for what he has done to me (Hes tried raiding me 2 times and hasnt got anything where i have raided him and got his stuff twice now xD) He blocked me in my house but he will pay for this

I think PvE server needs a moderator on it full time. I’ve been raided thrice now…

If they had the resources or a volunteer, that would probably help a lot.

Maybe a quick and temporary fix would be finding a way to mark a small area around a person’s home as their own, and only they can build within a certain distance.


Griefing like those guys doing it’s child play.

Raid, now that is part of the game. Lucky they turn off the players die with explosions…i miss those.

It is not illegal to raid or even to grief on the PVE server…so no need for a mod on the server.

yeah raiding is part of the game but they tried to raid me and when they got nothing they greifed my house so i couldnt get out of it

Ok, then how are we supposed to stop them?
How do we prevent this?!
Look, this raiding shit on PvE servers needs to stop. There is no way to prevent someone from raiding you on a PvE server, so, either remove PvE servers all together, or start the banning.

Also, I volunteer for part time moderator on the PvE server. No pay needed, just volunteering.

Why are you calling me names? I did not code the game to allow it, so fuck off.

lamo these kids locked me in my metal house with a metal door while i was off the server (one issue with persistent spawning), and I had a few friends with c4 come and blow me out

they’re just trolls, the best you can do is just ignore them and if they barricade you, find a way out

they don’t fuck with me anymore, lol

Yes, but you used the game’s current state as a -most likely- excuse to excuse raiding done on your part.
The game code can change, servers go up and down, so never should there ever be an excuse of “It’s how the game is coded, so it must be OK.”

I simply stated it was not illegal to do the things you are complaining about and therefore there was no need for a mod. Reading comprehension is something you should work on instead of insulting people.

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And since you did decide to be insulting for zero reason, my group and I shall now seek you out on PVE and do all I can to raid/grief you whenever possible. Enjoy!

Actually, between you and I, I think I might actually be the better. PvE means Player versus Everything, not Player raids Player with no risk. Learn what some things mean before you even start to comment. If I can not stop you from raiding me, how in the fucking HELL is that fair? And don’t even begin with the “Well, that’s life!” bullshit, trust me, no one here wants to hear that.
I think my point was perfectly valid and my insult more than warranted for the pussies (Like you and your buddies) that raid on the PvE server where people can not do a thing about it.

Not once did I say it was cool, fair, or awesome game-play that one could do those things, I simply stated it was not illegal to do so. You continue to lack reading comprehension skills. And btw, PVE, stand for Player vs Environment and your stuff and your building are part of the environment. So perhaps YOU should learn what things mean around here eh? Hence you cannot actually kill someone anymore, you obviously did not play when you could also blow people up on PVE server.

not to be a dick but… Player versus Environment… theres a big difference…

looks like scoot beat me to telling you. :slight_smile:

PvE in gaming terms means player vs environment, but that does not include other players. That is the point of PvE and as such is generally accepted as the definition.

Now, I agree that raiding is part of the game. While it is annoying, and if it were up to me I would not want to be the victim of raiding especially on a PvE server, this wasn’t the point of my original post.

My original post was intended to shed light on (through my personal experience) the fact that people are destroying player buildings, walling players up, and generally doing what is considered griefing. This is harassment and I believe shouldn’t even be tolerated on PvP servers. The game is in alpha and of course people are going to find ways to grief, for now. Just because the game allows people to do these things at the moment, doesn’t mean it is intended in the game by devs and higher ups. I am sure they are working very hard, and this stuff isn’t a priority atm (and I agree with that). I just hope that eventually these issues get addressed is all.


Sounds like you don’t need too much incentive to raid people…almost as if you were looking for a excuse?