I wonder if this is possible?

Well since my irl friends bombard me with all server crap, I end up switching to a different game either in a week or a month then I come back to the same game later. My friends can’t just stick with one game. So right now my mind is really warped, and I was wondering if you can re-load a gamemode, or any addon whilst GMOD is running, just like the ‘/reload’
command in minecraft. I think this would be great. I hate restarting my server since it is an rp server and I destroy everyone’s building. If gmod was coded in Java there might be a way to incorperate HotSwap but I doubt it. Please post any ideas or just anything below.

If the addon is 1 file, I suppose you can just use “exec stuff.lua” in RCON. But I believe that the script has to be in the lua folder, not sure if you can for addons. Just ask everyone to duplicate their buildings (If the duplicator is allowed).

Its on rp_downtown kinda hard to duplicate a map


You can reload a Gamemode with Gamemode_reload and Gamemode_reload_cl but it is likely to break it. You cannot reload an addon unless it is coded with functions to reload it inside.

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Thanks to those above. I will try to do more research.