I wonna run Rust server in Ukraine

Hi! I woona run Rust server in Ukraine, because i have very good computer. I like this game. Total for one week i’m played 73 hour’s and know this hame very good. Many of my friends wonna play in Rust, but prevents them from high ping.
I have proc Intel Core i7 4quad, 8GB RAM, 150 mb/s internet.
Take me please key for server.
Sorry for my English.

Hey Sava,

Currently the only way to run a server is through an approved hoster. You can find a list of them here:

There are a few with locations in Europe such as Germany and France. There are also Russian locations if they provide a better ping for you.

But why?

There’s a small amount of info here but bear in mind this is an old article.

I think a lot of it was to do with ensuring people got a very similar experience during the alpha.

Once it’s released maybe they’ll release the server files to the public, who knows.

Forcing people, who already have their own server machine, to buy a server from somebody else is not good.
For example, I have a high-speed connection and a spare PC I could use to host a server.
When I purchased the game I expected to be able to download and run the server files, but instead I am forced to give my money to a third party because Facepunch doesn’t release the server files for some reason.

Mojang publicly released Minecraft’s server files during the alpha, I don’t see any reason why Facepunch can’t do the same.

I can see both sides of the argument. Obviously as a user I would have liked the server files too, running one isnt cheap through a provider. But on the plus side, if this helps FP develop a more streamlined product because they did it this way, then fair enough.

I’m sure there will be official statements closer to release so we’ll have to see.

For me, if the server files are provided on release date and its only the alpha that we have to pay hosting providers, I think that’s fair on all sides.

Well, technically speaking, Rust is already released :v:

Rust is obviously available to the public.

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Oh and BTW, from my experience, most (if not all) GSPs are very low quality.
Extreme lag and little to no control of the server for a big monthly payment. :frowning:

You got me.

The danger i see, which isn’t far fetched, an update would break the game (it’s alpha), you are not able to play for whatever reason, yet will have to keep paying for a server for a month or more as it would be no fault of host providers. If you just bought the game - it’s no biggie, we’ve been warned but having server subscription that can’t be terminated before contract runs out while unable to play would be sucky.
As for unified game experience to help developers - that went out of the window with Oxide and Rust++.
As much as like Rust team, server issue just doesn’t stick for me - pure money making ploy. Hope I’m wrong though but the skeptic in me won’t shut up :slight_smile:

In that instance you can roll your server back though. Its server admins responsibility to back up their stuff.

Fair point about Oxide and Rust++ but I think the original plan was to be unified.

Skepticism is good. I don’t think it’s as sinister as a money making ploy though, my money is on them just being over-cautious.

so what? same for several other multiplayer games. you have to take what you get