"~I won't let you leeeeeee~~~" Chev takes a dive into a café, from "CRANK"

I desided to do another scene from CRANK, man that movie is awesome :smiley:
Chev takes a dive from a police motorbike, into a Café.
Also, this is a scene-build:stuck_out_tongue:

96% in-game
4% Photoshop.
I couldn’t get the colors right, so I had to adjust them further in Photoshop.

Fun fact: Chev’s stuntman, is the butt-naked zombie from L4D.

Original Movie Scene:

Original clip on youtube:

I haven’t seen that movie. Not sure what’s going on here. But the recreation of that scene is pretty good.

Watch it!! NOW!..


Also, Cool picture and reference! Love it


This pic’s a lot like the movie scene. Very nice!

do this scene next:


Astoundingly accurate to the original screen. Shame the colors don’t look quite the same…