I would like some simple lua projects


I would like some simple preferably clientside lua requests.

There will be some stuff I can’t do so anyone who would like to point me in the right direction is welcome.

The goal of this is to improve my lua and then make stuff for the community to enjoy.


drivable melon

Sorry a little out of my league…

Oh come on… I got one stupid response and some guy helping the idiot.

this isnt simple, or it could be. what about a phone weapon that you can select a name, and then it types s /call and then the selected name, or you could select text on there name, and it would do /pm selected name, and your message. any help with this?

http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=776665 :dance:

If possible you could try a simple health bar for a gamemode i’m making, PM me if your interested

exploding melon launcher
(rpg model)

marbles that you flick and they explode or you use the secondary fire and you can throw lots of them before blowing them up with reload. can they also glow with a soft orange light which brightens with time till they blow up? It’s a bit complicated