I would like to see this added to the game.

Hello, I’m not new to Rust but i found myself at a place where i just stop playing the game. I would like an option to destroy items in the game like items in ones inventory. I would like it to also make the player that destroyed it to learn how to make it. For example someone finds a pick ax they can destroy it and get 1/3 of what makes it and learn how to craft it as well. If the player already knows how to make it they get 1/2 to 3/4 of what makes it. Also when or if the recycling kit does come out it does the same thing but just give you 100% back. The reason I ask this is because of what happen to me in the game. It was after I log in and found i was killed in my sleep over night. Still that was not the reason I found myself stop playing. I died thousands of time and I saw it as away to get better and learn the game. I hide my supplies and build bigger and badder houses. What got me to stop was that I finally got a place up in the mountains with Iron doors and the works with the best tech a new player can build. The problem was that I spent 3 days farming Zombies and Rad towns and the only research kits i found where 2… I also found 6 pick axes, 5 blueprints for shotguns, and 49 cans of tuna. I also found some other random stuff but nothing real out of the blue. Over my time playing I found new tech like metal walls and new guns. The problem was that I had no way to remake them. Then over night All 4 of my iron doors was gone and I lost everything. What got me was the fact that i could not replace any thing. Before when i was killed I could get more wood and metal to rebuild or move on. But now what i lost where stuff i could never get back do to them being out of luck and not hard work. I don’t know when I’ll find my next gun or metal building part in the future and getting research kits are to fare few in between to count on. I just would like it so if i do find a item i don’t know how to make i can destroy it so i can make it later. Also I can destroy anything i don’t need like all those shotgun blue prints so i don’t have an army of hobos or whoever robbed me now who have shotguns! Will if your still reading this i would also like traps as well. It seems no matter what i make my house out of or how many metal doors i put in; people still seem to get in like they are made of paper. I don’t know how they do it because I hit away at a metal door for a whole game day with a pick ax and it took me ages to get in. Then there was a second door inside. A all metal house wont do shit for me if all the metal doors i put in just keep being destroyed. So traps would be nice as well. Also make the traps not hurt the player that put them down. It be pointless if you put a trap down in front of your door and have to destroy it every time you want to go in. Again thank you if you read this all the way through.

I didn’t read the full text, but I think you’re talking about the ‘house ownership’.
Well, they’re working on it.

PS: Write in paragraphs, please. It’s really hard to read without. :slight_smile:

I find it easier to live remotely. I’ve found plenty of Research Kits considering that when I get kevlar, explosives, and c4, it’s all over but the crying.

I’d like to see it more difficult for raiders to succeed. I’ve been a raider primarily and it’s just too easy to get into someones place, when you learn what breaks and how. I jumped on this server recently and found an encampment across from me in North Valley. These kevlar c4 toting d00ds are just in shacks with metal doors, nice little camp with a larger building. I picked axed the shacks, about 170 hits each, and bam, I’m in. Day one on the server and I have everything I need except the research kits and explosives. Which I know will come soon enough.

Walls are too vulnerable to scaffolding c4 attacks. Spike walls you just scaffold over and back. I dunno. They should protect houses unless someone is in the server or something. Can’t plant c4 or break doors. It would make for more PvP and not as much PvS-leeper.

I want traps too.