I would like to start Modeling But what do i need?

Hey all, I would like to start modeling but was wondering what programs i will need and also where i can find some good Tut’s on Easy - basic - modeling (newbie Guide ?)

Thanks for takeing the time to read. :3

Also what would be good to start working on ?

There have been many threads made asking this very same question. Use the Search function or look through the pages.

Mind linking i cannot find anything with the search ( :stuck_out_tongue: I must be doing it wrong )

Read what everyone says completely. Use the second method: looking through the pages. I’ve found at least 5 threads on pages 2 and 3 that have what you need.

What the hell are you typeing in i am not geting anything helpful

Here let me help:

Free modeling softwares: Softimage|XSI MOD TOOL, Blender, and Milkshape 3D.
Just google “name of software” tutorials.